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Two Reasons You Shouldn't Hire Us

Welcome to Coghlan Contracting

Custom Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Company in Williamsburg Virginia

Why shouldn't you hire us? That's easy. DON'T HIRE US if:

  1. you are willing to sacrifice quality for price

  2. you are willing to sacrifice quality for speed

Quality Over Price

We are a cohort of craftsman with a focus in Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling, specialized in Custom Cabinetry, Tile-work, and Cabinet Refinishing/Refacing. We are passionate about the quality of our work and we love providing our craft for customers who really want THE BEST.

What does it mean to be THE BEST? It just means that when we do something, we do it to the best of our abilities, and I might say that our standard is a standard hard to match. It means we don't cut corners. It means we don't say "good enough" until it's been done right. These are the reasons we can't be the cheapest, but that doesn't mean we can't be AFFORDABLE.

We offer a variety of options to best suit a potential customer's budget. With cabinets, for example, we would offer three options, ordered from least expensive to most expensive; cabinet refinish/reface, new semi-custom factory cabinet purchase and install, new custom cabinets that are designed and hand crafted by us, here at Coghlan Contracting LLC.

Quality Over Speed

We will never be the company that flips your bathroom in one day or builds and installs your kitchen in one week. Why? Because we take our time in order to ensure we don't make mistakes. And, as humans, if we do make a mistake, we go back and we fix it. We don't cover it up. We take our time, and that's evident when you see the finished product. We aren't slow, but we are craftsmen. We can call ourselves craftsmen because WE do the work.

Every cabinet is hand made with traditional joinery methods, and receives multiple primer coats and multiple top coats of lacquer; each sanded in between for proper adhesion. Every tile is perfectly spaced, in line, and is installed over water proof systems to guarantee the safety of your home.

Each of these steps are behind the scenes and could easily be skipped without your noticing. But ask yourself... Do you want these steps to be skipped? Do you want to experience the repercussions of a job half done when it's too late? We don't want that for you, and we will never compromise on the quality of your project.


HIRE US to provide you with the kitchen and/or bathroom of your dreams. We will show you what above and beyond looks like in our line of business.

So, what now? Take a look at our work on our website, Instagram, and/or Facebook. If you like what you see, reach out for a FREE estimate. Call (757)797-6634, email, or message us today through Facebook Instagram or our website

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